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Spinnaker Recycling is a full service recycling and waste management consultancy

With more than 60 years of combined experience, and an offering that covers all of your company's needs, we provide the 'one stop shopping' experience that helps you not only save time, but also save money.

Fully Independant

We are fully independent and provide unbiased waste audits and consulting services that no waste or recycling company can match. Whatever size your company is, and whatever your company does, we can help you improve your image as a 'green' business, and save you money and time.

Spinnaker Recycling specializes in working with quick serve restaurants, hotels, multi-residential properties and municipalities. Our staff are always at the forefront of waste diversion strategies for these sectors.

We were founded in 2008 by a team of senior waste industry experts. Spinnaker Recycling is a member of The Recycling Council of Ontario, the Greater Toronto Apartment Association, London Apartment Association, and the Federation of Rental Providers of Ontario. We provide waste audits in compliance with the RCO’s 3RCertified standard. Additionally we provide consulting services for ISO, EMS, and Canada wide waste approvals processes.

We are always looking for innovative and sustainable products to share with our clients so please contact us if you have a product or service that we might be interested in . You can reach us at info@spinnakerrecycling.com.