Why Should Your Company Conduct Waste Audits?

Posted by: Admin | Date: 12-11-2015

Many companies are often surprised to discover that the amount of waste that they generate is actually much more significant than they believe. Along with harming the environment, such waste can also cost companies a tremendous amount of money. As many companies search for ways in which they can reduce costs, conducting a waste audit can prove to be an ideal solution for identifying the types as well as amounts of waste that your facility generates.

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Benefitting from Temporary Waste Bins

Posted by: Admin | Date: 28-10-2015

While regular waste removal and recycling services are a good choice for many situations, temporary waste bins are an ideal choice for situations in which you need a one-time solution for waste management. Also sometimes referred to as roll-off bins, temporary waste bins are often used in both commercial and residential disposal and waste removal applications. Such bins can prove to be particularly beneficial for construction sites in which materials need to be disposed of from the construction process.

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Understanding and Implementing Zero Waste Strategies

Posted by: Admin | Date: 28-09-2015

Throughout Ontario, there is an environmental transformation taking place. Action taken to reduce the amount of waste that makes its way to landfills is providing the foundation for a more sustainable future. The Waste Diversion Act has also proven to be a vital partner for establishing extended producer responsibility while also outlining the importance of diversion, and the ultimate sustainability goal of zero waste.

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How to Conduct the Most Effective Waste Audits

Posted by: Admin | Date: 29-08-2015

Waste audits can provide the basis for helping the environment as well as helping a company to save money and become more efficient. In order to conduct the most effective waste audits, it is important to follow the correct procedure. Working with a partner experienced in handling waste audits can ensure that the correct procedure is followed.

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Taking Advantage of Waste Management Consulting

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-07-2015

Today, in light of environmental changes, it has become vitally important for companies in all industries to review ways in which they can improve their recycling capabilities while also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. Waste audits are an excellent way to analyze the amount as well as the type of waste that is generated by a certain facility. By conducting a waste audit, it is possible for companies to also identify current waste practices while establishing areas for improvement. Many companies often struggle with this process. When this is the case, waste management consulting can often prove to be beneficial.

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Implementing a Waste Audit in Ontario for More Efficient Results

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-06-2015

What is a waste audit in Ontario and why does your business need one? The goal of a waste audit is to quantify both the types and the amount of waste your business generates. By conducting a waste audit, your business will be able to identify current practices as well as develop areas for improvement. Regardless of a business's industry or size, a waste audit can help to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Organizations engaging in a waste audit in Ontario will also frequently find they are able to reduce waste management costs while also making improved use of limited natural resources.

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How to Make Improvements in Waste Diversion in Ontario

Posted by: Admin | Date: 25-05-2015

Waste diversion in Ontario is a serious matter. The Waste Diversion Act provides the primary legislation in Ontario to promote the reuse, reduction, and recycling of waste. This is accomplished through the development and implementation of a variety of waste diversion programs.

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Zero Waste and Extended Producer Responsibility

Posted by: Admin | Date: 07-04-2015

The process of implementing an effective waste management and diversion program can oftentimes be confusing for many companies. While it may seem confusing and there may even be challenges to overcome, it is still vital that companies take the steps necessary to implement such programs. Not only are such initiatives the right thing to do in terms of protecting the environment, but many companies that do institute such programs frequently find that they are able to work more efficiently while also improving their bottom lines.

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Overcoming Challenges in Multi-family Recycling

Posted by: Admin | Date: 27-03-2015

Apartment buildings and other multi-family dwellings typically face three crucial challenges in the process of implementing recycling programs. Those challenges include resident participation, costs, and onsite logistics. Resident participation is vital in order for any recycling program to be effective in the long-term. Without proper participation on a consistent basis, waste diversion rates as well as contamination, in which trash is placed in recycling containers, tends to increase. Education serves as the foundation of any successful multi-family recycling program.

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Best Practices in Apartment Recycling

Posted by: Admin | Date: 25-02-2015

Effective apartment recycling is about much more than simply placing bins in an apartment building and encouraging residents to use them. In order to maximize apartment recycling opportunities, it is important to ensure that both residents as well as staff are completely engaged in the process. Apartment recycling differs significantly from curbside recycling services for residential properties, even though it is residences that are being served. In many ways, apartment recycling is akin to servicing numerous unstaffed drop-off sites.

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Why Use Junk Removal Services?

Posted by: Admin | Date: 28-01-2015

While recycling water bottles and other household trash is important for reducing waste left in landfills and helping the environment, households and businesses also frequently generate a wealth of other items that need to be removed occasionally. Such items might include clothing, appliances, furniture, carpeting, toys, scrap wood, and much more. These are all items would frequently make their way into the landfill in the past. By contracting with the right junk removal service, it is possible to remove those items from your property and make sure they are either recycled or re-used, thus ensuring they will not go to the landfill and help the planet in the process.

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Understanding Waste Diversion

Posted by: Admin | Date: 26-12-2014

Waste diversion is a vital component of not only effective recycling but also reducing the amount of waste actually produced. The ultimate goal of waste diversion is to divert wastes from actually making their way into landfills. Waste diversion can take on a variety of forms, but may also include several treatment processes in order to prevent waste from actually going to the landfill.

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