With more than 50 years of combined experience, the Spinnaker Recycling team provides a full-service experience that will save you time and money while striving to renew and protect the environment. Celebrating its 10th year as a leader in the waste diversion business, Spinnaker Recycling brings a wealth of industry knowledge and know-how to every aspect of the waste diversion business.

Spinnaker Recycling is your waste diversion partner

  • The Principles of Waste Management

    Together as Spinnaker Recycling, we created the four principles of waste management excellence which we like to refer to as the 4 C’s. Capacity. Convenience. Communication. Consistency.

  • Our clients

    Spinnaker Recycling specializes in working with restaurants, hotels, multi-residential properties and municipalities. Our staff is always at the forefront of smart waste diversion strategies for all these sectors. We were founded in 2008 by a team of senior waste industry experts. Spinnaker Recycling is a member of The Recycling Council of Ontario, the Greater Toronto Apartment Association, London Apartment Association, and the Federation of Rental Providers of Ontario. We provide waste audits in compliance with the RCO’s 3RCertified standard. Additionally we provide consulting services for ISO, EMS, and Canada wide waste approvals processes.

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