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Using the principles of the Four C’s of waste management: Capacity, Convenience, Communication and Consistency, Spinnaker Recycling works practically and strategically to make change for a better tomorrow. Always at the forefront of new and proven waste diversion strategies for the multi-residential sector, we provide many comprehensive service solutions for stakeholders involved in residential property management.

  • Waste Brokering

    Time to get your waste management strategy in order and on budget? We can broker and implement a plan that covers all of your needs while providing you with a comprehensive reporting process that your company and accountant will love.

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  • Benchmarking and Reporting

    When it’s time to report on your waste management program’s ROI, look to us to provide you with a benchmarking and reporting exercise you can trust. Based on our experience and fundamental understanding of what good and bad waste management programs look like, we are your partner for a results-based plan.

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  • Billing Reconciliations

    We offer help reconciling your waste management accounts and billing so you can have better visibility to your overall expenditures. It’s just one of the many plans we can implement to help you see better results while spending less time on paperwork.

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  • Compliance Report Writing and New Building Development Recommendations

    Use our top-notch planning skills to help build the ultimate fully compliant waste diversion plan for your next development. We work with low-rise home builders and high-rise and mid-rise condominium builders and developers as well as architectural firms and the multi-residential rental industry to offer you the best solution for your new project. We also offer written consultations and recommendations and we are here to help you with your waste management infrastructure needs.

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  • Container and Equipment Sales

    Let us save you time and money by working with our national network of equipment and recycling and waste container sales folks. We aim to provide you with the best rates and the best products for your multi-residential, municipal or commercial business. Get the right complement of recycling bins and recycling equipment to serve all of your keeping-it-green needs.

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  • Waste Audits

    What’s the most important first step in creating a great waste diversion plan? It’s a professional waste audit. We are the industry expert when it comes to conducting waste audits, and we are proud to offer comprehensive reporting that is second to none. This is Gerald, one of the partners at Spinnaker – as you can see, we believe in a hands-on approach.

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  • Compactor and Container Repair and Service

    We keep containers and compactors operational and in top-notch condition by scheduling regular maintenance and ensuring all repairs are quickly taken care so you don’t have to worry about break downs. Our team makes scheduled maintenance and repair services a priority. If you’re looking for a quote, send us a message or give us a call!

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  • Green Team Facilitators

    Being Green is a team effort! Take the time to do it right, with our facilitation experts and consultants who provide on-site or off-site training programs for any size group or company.

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  • Tenant Engagement for Recycling Programs

    A great recycling strategy deserves a fun, educational and S.M.A.R.T. tenant engagement program. Create building-wide awareness and meet community-building objectives by having Spinnaker on your team.

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  • Project Management

    Be one step ahead of your next waste diversion issue with our planning services and recommendations. We can project-manage any waste diversion plan or project – we are the experts at ensuring compliance, implementing best practices and achieving and measuring results.

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  • Spring Clean-Up Days

    Start a neighbourhood tradition that will build on your Green waste management objectives universally. Multi-residential Spring Clean-Up Days are a great way to kick off warm weather while getting your community engaged in living Green. We run several successful programs that offer fun and rewarding ways to participate and introduce new recycling practices.

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  • Product Destruction

    Our methods and processes for the break-down and disposal of big and small products are environmentally smart, safe and sound.

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  • Chute Cleaning

    A regular cleaning and maintenance program keep chutes odour-free and functional for your tenants all year round. We also do repairs, updates and restoration work too.

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  • Waste Management Policy Writing

    It’s time to make it right by creating waste management policies that make sense for today’s Green companies and consumers. We write comprehensive policies that make sense by offering you an extra hand at getting compliant and meeting expectations within your community.

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  • Electronic Waste Removal

    When you need special removal or separation services for the breakdown and recycling of electronic waste, we’re number one in the business for compliant waste management which includes computers, printers and other bulk electronic equipment.

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  • Gum Removal

    We get rid of unsightly gobs and sticky waste on your sideways and walkways, indoors and out with our very own gum removal machine.

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  • Zero-Waste Programs

    We can get you there – we work with all sectors and are zero-waste fanatics with waste plans and tactics that will surpass your expectations.



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  • Food Waste Management

    We provide smart and seamless solutions to dealing with food waste that are key to your company’s best practices for health and safety. Perfect for any size manufacturer, restaurant or food processing business, we offer scalable services that are designed to suit all of your needs.

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  • Pest Control

    Expert removal, cleaning and prevention of all pest and rodent issues.

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  • Clothing Drive

    If you’re hoping to bring your community together with a clothing drive, we have experts on staff who have expertise in up-cycling and creating successful programs that can make a difference for everyone year-after-year.

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  • Staff Training on Environmental SOP’s and Staff Engagement

    We create and update comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOP’s) with skill and ease. If it’s time to update your procedures to today’s best practices, it’s time to give us a call. Implementing and training staff on new processes and procedures is an important part of our service commitment to you and your company.


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  • Sustainability-Services

    Sustainability Services

    As the industry expert, Spinnaker Recycling takes pride in providing expertise in providing the environmental services to every sector.

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  • Event Services

    Our many years of experience keeping up with local sustainability practices has made us an industry leader and educator in this area.

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V. Maharajh-Adams 1-800-RID-OF-IT

We have been working in partnership with Spinnaker for 10 years. They have advised us on waste segregation, recycling and rebate opportunities. They are very proactive on the disposal of specific waste streams and finding sustainable alternatives.

Their service and communication are excellent. They also offer competitive rates.

J. Beaton Sterling Karamar
  I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Spinnaker Recycling for the outstanding service they provided us. Their knowledge, professionalism, hands-on experience and attention to detail, gave us the opportunity to implement an overall recycling and waste infrastructure which resulted in cost savings and efficiencies in our daily operations.
M&R Holdings Toronto
Spinnaker Recycling presented us with many options to minimize our waste and increase our recycling efforts at our buildings.  The recommendations for operational improvements at each building as well as building specific marketing programs including tenant engagement are well thought out and cost-efficient.
Sean Quinn Toronto
We have been using Spinnaker for a number of years now and they have taken the added burden of managing our waste and recycling materials. They ensure we get the best rates and service. A valued company for our business needs.
Amar Lallh Toronto
Spinnaker Recycling has provided recycling management for two school events for a number of years. They have provided reliable service each and every time, that we have been very pleased with! Thanks, Gerald and the Spinnaker team!
Eugene Hankin Toronto
The team at Spinnaker are knowledgeable and great to work with. They have opened our eyes to cost saving initiatives through a proper waste management program which we have previously been missing out on. I highly recommend them for any property manager or landlord looking to save on their waste management fees.
Natalie Vonlanthen Toronto

PCT has been with Spinnaker since the very beginning. They've helped us manage the growth and changes to our waste and recycling needs as our business has grown. Thoughtful, strategic and customer-centric is how we'd describe them - they are a valued partner.

Diana Saunders

We have used Spinnaker for our events for many years.  They are reliable, easy to work with, and their service really helps our events run smoothly!

Diana from HDAA Hamilton and District

Spinnaker is a valued member of the Hamilton and District Apartment Association. They sponsor and donate their time at HDAA events and go the extra mile to help out members with landlord recycling issues.

Lorne Girard

A thorough analysis was completed at our plant by the consultants at Spinnaker Recycling. I was impressed by the solutions they were able to recommend and implement for our facility. There was nothing to lose in hiring them to complete a free report, and they have proven themselves in reducing our waste expenses on a monthly basis. I would recommend their overview to other facilities looking to reduce costs for waste.

Greenwin Inc. Toronto

Greenwin Inc. has been proud to work with Spinnaker Recycling Corp for many years. We value their excellent customer service and their dedication to creating greener waste management initiatives. Nancy, Gerald and team are very pleasant and easy to work with and we look forward to growing our business relationship together.

Ted Whitehead FRPO

Spinnaker Recycling is a valued partner of FRPO’s Certified Rental Building™ program. When we were developing the Living GREEN Together™ Waste Management” environmental standard, we went looking for the industry leader in effective waste management practices for multi-res apartment buildings. We were able to quickly identify Spinnaker as the front-runner and sought out Gerald, and his team, to assist us in developing this.

Deborah Cohen Performance Solutions Network Corp.

I have worked Spinnaker Recycling on several initiatives. They have generously contributed time and information, and have shared their wide ranging experiences on what works and important techniques for engaging residents. 

They are very knowledgeable about recycling, cost reduction and waste reduction techniques.