Consulting, Auditing, and Waste Minimization...
         Taking the 'waste' out of garbage!

The story for most companies/facilities when it comes to waste and recycling is quite simple, we create waste and we need to get rid of hire a company and they take the materials away, hopefully disposing of/recycling responsibly and cost effectively.

BUT…is this the best story? Does this get us where we need to be?

How does Spinnaker Recycling Corp look at this process

  • a company creates waste for a variety of reasons: process, staff, purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping

  • more often than not the amount of waste being generated is more than it should be, and impacts a facility in ways that can't be measured simply by a garbage and recycling bill from a supplier…waste is created.
    Waste of materials, waste of time, waste of money!

That is why we 'take the waste out of garbage'...waste happens in so many different ways and effects not only the bottom line, it effects the earth.

Spinnaker Recycling's goal is to help both the bottom line and the environment at the same time by offering a comprehensive approach to waste management… from audit to engagement, from equipment to standard operating procedures

What does this do?

It gets the most out of your resources, gets the most out of your staff, your procurement, your process, your manufacturing and your packaging and shipping...and it has a huge impact on the earth at the same time...

No business is too big or too small to look at this facet of its waste to landfill operations can be attained by just about anyone if determined enough.

There are not a lot of waste consultants that have the hours of ‘dumpster diving’ that Spinnaker has under their belts across all industry sectors. This level of experience gives us a very comprehensive understanding of how things do and should look within all facilities. If you expect to get the most out of your waste diversion strategy, work with a team that is not afraid to get their hands dirty while they are ‘taking the waste out of your garbage!’